Press Review – August 2021

31 août 2021 Non Par ZOMAD
  • Tensions at sea
  • East Asia

US/UK/Japan naval drills south of Okinawa Island – The Mainichi

  • Southeast Asia

Malaysia “no pushover”, holds naval drills – BenarNews 20.08.21

Kamala Harris tours Southeast Asia, accuses China of intimidation in South China Sea – BBC 24.08.21 – says US will “speak up” on South China Sea – Euronews 26.08.21

Vietnam says it will not side against China, as US’ Kamala Harris visits – South China Morning Post 25.08.21 (paywall)

India and Vietnam conduct naval exercise in South China Sea ahead of the Quad’s “Malabar” off Guam – Times of India 18.08.21

“Malabar” naval exercise with Quad nations in the Philippines Sea – India Today 25.08.21

  • Middle East

Iran, Russia and China to hold joint naval drills in Persian Gulf – Reuters 23.08.21

  • UN bodies

Security Council President statement on illicit activities at sea, 9.08.21

International Law Commission 72nd session report, including developments on the topic “Sea-level rise in relation to international law” – 18.08.21

  • Migrants, Shipwrecks and Rescue at Sea

NGO ships Ocean Viking and Sea Watch, carrying over 800 rescued migrants, allowed to enter Sicilian port – Le Monde 7.08.21

  • Offshore activities

Russian drillship to explore five areas in East Arctic seas – High North News 25.08.21, Barents Observer 24.08.21

  • Fisheries

US Administration report identifies seven States engaged in IUU fishing, including PRC, Russia and Taiwan, and 29 countries or entities lacking effective regulations to combat bycatch, including EU

Japan developing AI, satellite-based surveillance system to track foreign ships in its waters – South China Morning Post, 17.08.21

Deep-sea trawling : French fishermen concerned with new British measures – Le Marin, 26.08.21 (paywall)

  • Maritime shipping

Covid-19 outbreak : China shuts down port, raises fears of closures worldwide – Bloomberg 12.08.21

Value of global merchant fleet soars – Le Marin 25.08.21 (paywall)

Containership orders set record in 2021, closing-in on all-time high – The Maritime Executive 26.08.21

  • Environment

Climate crisis : Scientists sport warning signs of Gulf Stream collapse – The Guardian, 5.08.21

International Panel on Climate Change issues sixth assessment report – continued ocean warming, upper ocean stratification, ocean acidification, ocean deoxygenation and rise of global sea level expected due to human-induced climate change. Panel says climate change can still be mitigated – 07.08.21

Offshore wind energy : complex relation between renewable energy, biodiversity and protected areas – Actu Environnement 25.08.21 (paywall)