Press Review – October 2021 – Part 1

15 octobre 2021 Non Par ZOMAD

Tensions at sea: 

Malaysia summons Chinese envoy for second time since June, over vessels in South China Sea: South China Morning Post – 05.10.2021

An American submarine hit an unidentified object in the China Sea: LeMonde – 07.10.2021

Migrants, Shipwrecks and Rescue in the Sea :

Channel crossings: September sees record number of migrants: BBC – 23.09.2021 

Nearly 700 migrants disembark in Lampedusa from a fishing boat : Lemarin – 01.10.2021

Offshore activities: 

New Zealand court rejects offshore mining project : Lemarin – 06.10.2021

France gives a status to autonomous ships and drones : Lemarin – 13.10.2021 


Overview of mitigation measures to reduce the incidental catch of vulnerable species in fisheries: FAO – October 2021

Settlement of disputes and agreements: 

The fisheries agreement with Greenland ratified by the European Parliament: Lemarin – 06.10.2021

Environmental considerations: 

Maritime rope could be adding billions of microplastics to the ocean every year: – 23.09.2021

Research reveals how much plastic debris is currently floating in the Mediterranean Sea: – 04.10.2021

International justice:

The Republic of Armenia institutes proceedings against the Republic of Azerbaijan and requests the Court to indicate provisional measures: ICJ – 16.09.2021

The Republic of Azerbaijan institutes proceedings against the Republic of Armenia and requests the Court to indicate provisional measures: ICJ – 23.09.2021

ITLOS is having its 25th Anniversary: ITLOS – 01.10.2021 

Alleged Violations of Sovereign Rights and Maritime Spaces in the Caribbean Sea (Nicaragua v. Colombia) The Court to begin its deliberation: ICJ – 01.10.2021 

Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean (Somalia v. Kenya) The Court determines the course of the maritime boundary between the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Republic of Kenya: ICJ – 12.10.2021